estúdio PLEK is founded by Isabela Ledo and Menno Trautwein in 2015, when they opened the office in Rio de Janeiro. The Amsterdam office was opened in 2017.


Menno Trautwein (Amsterdam, 1971) graduated as Master in Architecture at the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam with a design research on a covered market as social economical catalyst for Amsterdam North. He worked as architect on all scale levels of housing design, designed a top end cinema theatre with innovative techniques at Bart Duvekot Architecten and worked on two massive projects at UNStudio. Currently he is mostly designing private housing projects and on freelance basis working as project manager and BIM-regisseur.


Isabela Ledo (Rio de Janeiro, 1982) holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2008) and a Master's degree in Urbanism from Delft University of Technology (2013). As urbanist she has worked in Brazil and in the Netherlands in projects related to cycling mobility and as architect she is involved in small scale/interior design projects.


estúdio PLEK architecture + urbanism

WG-plein 75, 1054 RB  Amsterdam

KvK  68566050

btw-id NL001866429B90

contact  Menno Trautwein

register of architects in Holland  1.141015.041

telephone  +31 6 41122728


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estúdio PLEK arquitetura + urbanismo LTDA - EPP

Rua Visconde de Figueiredo 51/102, Rio de Janeiro

CNPJ  25.229.033/0001-39

contact  Isabela Ledo

register of architects in Brazil  CAU A92444-0


skype  bela_ledo

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